About Us

In September 2019 Leeds City Council awarded the Trust the Lease on the 16 acre Burley Mills Farm, due to be finally signed for in early 2021.  

The farm is off Kirkstall Road – LS4 2QD, accessed from the side of Ready Steady Store. It was privately farmed for many years until the leaseholder died in 2017.

Our business plan is for a scheme that employs a worker and sells veg boxes to local residents and shops to cover costs. Around this business, we will develop social and educational projects and we are already working with Community Payback (Probation Service). We hope to employ a grower in February 2021

In early 2020, we crowdfunded £45,000 from over 300 supporters to get us going. Sadly, the coronavirus put back our plans, but our 135 members have formed growing, structures, events, wildlife and marketing groups that are ready to go. Please link in through our Facebook page.

Plans to build a visitor and storage compound in early ’21 have been confirmed by Veolia Trust awarding us £26,000

We are always looking for harvest share members (weekly veg boxes), volunteers and supporting members. Please email [email protected] if you have any particular questions.

We have also revitalised the allotments on the site and the Association has gone from 6 plot holders to being full. Contact [email protected] if you would like to be on the (short) waiting list.

You can see the Farm at the south of end of our future parkland:

Find us here:

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